Tips on submitting your manuscript:

This article focuses on short story submissions to electronic and print media.

We all want our submissions to get published, but often a simple error or two will have your story in the trash before its has been read. Here are some tips on getting your story published:

(1) Familiarize yourself with the publication:

Go through the publication’s website and familiarize yourself with its content. What sort of information do they have on their site, what links do they have and, most importantly, do they give you access to previous issues or examples of work that they accept? Getting to know what they specialize in, and what they think sets them apart from their competitors, will help you to assess if your story is right for them. If your story doesn’t fit in with what they like, then you’re wasting your time and theirs by submitting it.

(2) Read the guidelines:

If your manuscript is formatted incorrectly, then you stand a slim chance if being read, let alond published! Writers should make their work look as professional as possible but different publications have different requirements, so take a look at the submission guidelines and pay close attention!

– Check you spelling and grammar!

– Double check the submission e-mail address and what to put in the message header.

– Add a cover letter and give them a little information about what your story is about and who you are.

– If you can find the editors name, then address your cover letter to them personally.

– If there are no specific guidelines, then look up the standard manuscript format and follow that.

– If you are sending your manuscript via snail mail, then add a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for replies and / or for the return of your manuscript.

Getting your work published comes down to getting it noticed, and the first step in that process is submitting a professional manuscript!

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