Halloween Superstitions

What better time of year for omens, portents, beliefs and superstitions to claw their way into our thoughts and actions than on Halloween? Why is it that on the day when we dress as the things we fear, the day when joke about death, witches, ghost and ghouls, we seem to forget about those superstitions that most of us can’t help but act on?

Halloween is the night when all that’s feared comes alive, so here’s a heads up for those of you who think that Halloween is risk free!

If you hear footsteps behind you, don’t look back as death may be stalking you.
If you wait at a crossroads and listen to the wind, it will tell you what will happen to you in the next twelve months.
A baby born on Halloween will be able to see ghosts and spirits.
By burying animal bones near a doorway you will prevent ghosts and evils spirits from entering your house.
Walking around your house counter-clockwise and backwards three times before sunset on Halloween will ward off evil.

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