Writing Prompts

Here are some prompts to get that creative blood pumping through your writing veins:

– Pick your least favorite book from your collection, use the first line of this book to start your own story in a the horror genre.

– What color is the room you are sitting painted? What color could it be underneath that first layer and what could be hidden under all that paint?

– Think of someone who has the same first name as you. It can be your friend, neighbor, colleague or even a celebrity, as long as you know a little something about them. Write a story in which that person is in the top wanted list for committing a crime.

– Where did that pen that you lost go?

– Parting is such sweet sorrow. Or is it? When would you be happy to see someone leave and how far would you go to make it happen?

Go on, have fun with these! Let your imagination run wild (and don’t forget to let it tilt towards the dark side…).