About the Horror Writing Blog

The  Horror Writing Blog was created by Hannah Green – an aspiring South African writer.

My passion for teaching fiction, and horror fiction in particular, led to the creation of this blog. I believe that too many aspiring writers fail to ever reach their goals because they are discouraged by rejection. This rejection can be overcome by learning the simple yet necessary aspects of fiction writing.

Horror fiction is both my passion and one of the hardest genres to succeed in. By providing advice, tips and resources for those who want to write horror, and fiction in general, I hope to help others overcome their downfalls and show them that fiction is both an art and a craft. Only through writing, learning and rewriting can we succeed as master story tellers.

This blog is a division of Green Writing Services. For personalized critiques (short stories, poetry and novels) and mentoring please visit our site at http://www.gwscritique.co.za or send an email to admin@gwscritique.co.za

One comment

  1. danielledevalera · October 25, 2011

    Ah, that answers the question I posed after your comment to How Not to Get Published.
    Good one.

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